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Master of Science in
Computational Biology and Biomedicine

Biomedical signal and image analysis
Modeling in neuroscience

Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France

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"Modeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor"
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» How to apply?

This program lasts one full year, from September of year N to August of year N+1.

Important dates [application period is opening in november for the master session starting the next september]

  • » Applications are accepted till May, 31th.
  • » First round of acceptations, mid may.
  • » Second round of acceptations, end of june.
  • Procedure

    1. If you are from a country indicated on this page please follow the instruction from that page (and indicate well that the master "Master M2: Master Sciences, technologies, santé mention informatique spécialité biologie informatique et mathématiques" reference 24212-8304 -- and select the second year -- is the one in which you are interested in). Note that there is a deadline (around April) for doing so.
    2. Download the application form (PDF, Word) and and check the instructions given in the next section below
    3. Send to your referees the referee form (PDF, Word) as soon as possible


    • » Scholarships are based on the level of excellence.
    • » Scholarship will cover living expenses during the first half of the program (M2S1: approximately 800 euros per month). The second half (M2S2) will be funded by the employer (research lab or industry).
    • » Applying in the first round increases the chance of receiving a scholarship.

    Important note: It is highly recommended that you contact the French Consulate or Embassy as well local authorities from your country of origin to check whether you are eligible to some funding.

    How to prepare and send your application?

    The recommandations for the electronic submission of your application are:

    1. Prepare one single PDF file containing the application form correctly filled in and also the other information requested (see the last page of the application form). Applications containing several files in different formats will not be accepted.
    2. Send this PDF file by email to: mailto:msc-compbio-applications@inria.fr (if you have trouble, you can also try mailto:cbb@unice.fr) with:
      • Subject of your message: [msc-new-application] YOUR_LAST_NAME_ONLY
      • Body of your message (please copy and paste the text below and complete it):
        • Mr./Mrs./Miss: --
        • First name: --
        • Last name (i.e., family name): --
        • Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY): --
        • Place of birth (City/Country): --
        • Highest qualification that will be completed in September (Title of the qualification and Instituyion): --
        • Email to contact you: --
        • Phone to contact you: --
        • Personal website (if any): --
      • Attachement or ftp (see below): one PDF file

    Note 1: You will be notified when your application is received and verified.

    Note 2: If your file is too big to be sent as an attachment, please follow the steps belows to upload it in our ftp and then send us the message to say that your application was posted.
    ftp ftp-sop.inria.fr
    Name: anonymous
    Password: your_email
    ftp> bin
    ftp> cd cbb/Incoming
    ftp> put your_file.pdf

    How to create a single PDF document?

    Need help to create a single PDF document with all the information? You will need to concatenate your PDF documents, for example with the gs command by: gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOutputFile=main.pdf application_form.pdf cv.pdf certificates.pdf diplomas.pdf english.pdf transcript.pdf passeport.pdf. Other tools are also available

    Note for candidates outside Europe

    As you attach the Transcript of Records showing the marks you obtained, please do not hesitate to include any information regarding the educational system from your country, which may be quite different from the one in Europe. In general, any information allowing the program committee to better understand your application is welcome.

    Note: In the recently standardized European System of higher education (Bologna process), a master's degree corresponds to a one- or two-year postgraduate program (60 to 120 ECTS credits) undertaken after at least three years of undergraduate studies. It provides higher qualification for employment or prepares for doctoral studies. In general, though, the structure and duration of a program of study leading to a master's degree will differ by country and by university. In France, the master degree corresponds to a two-year program. The Computational Biology program requests that the first year (or equivalent) is completed in your home institution.

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