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Master of Science in
Computational Biology and Biomedicine

Biomedical signal and image analysis
Modeling in neuroscience

Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France

The master is discontinued from 2017.

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"Modeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor"
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» Class of » 2009/2010

2009/2010 program was sponsored by I3S, INRIA and the following project teams from INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée: ABS (Algorithms Biology Structure), Ariana (Earth observation and cartography, image processing) Asclepios (Medical Image Analysis, Biological Image Analysis, Computational Anatomy, Computational Physiology), Comore (Modelling and control of renewable resources), NeuroMathComp (Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience), Odyssée (Computational Brain Anatomical and Functional Imaging).

Muhammad AMMAD UD DIN from Pakistan. He has done BS-Bioinformatics from Mohammad Ali Jinnah University(M.A.J.U), Islamabad Pakistan. He studied various courses in biology, mathematics and computer science during his four years of degree program. He has done his final year thesis project in Computational Systems Biology with Dr. Alberto (Italy). He also worked as a Junior Lecturer for one year in M.A.J.U. His responsibilities were to give hands on practical training for computer science (C++, JAVA, JAVA EE) and bioinformatics labs. His interests and ambitions span protein structure modeling, genetic networks, designing and development of solutions (software + mathematical models) for biological problems. He is now a graduate student in CB master at Polytech UNSA.
Internship supervised by Frederic Cazals (INRIA, EPI ABS): Characterizing Protein-Protein Interfaces
In 2010... Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Computational Systems Biology (euSYSBIO) coordinated by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Higher Technical Institute (IST), Portugal and Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), Finland.

Lorenzo BALDACCHINI is from Italy and holds a MSc in Mathematics. He studied mathematics at university of Rome "La Sapienza" for five years and he got graduated in 2008. During his years of studies he collaborated with the Mathematics Department Library and with the Mathematics Department Computer Centre. After his degree he worked for more than one year with a consulting company in Rome, wich gave him the basis of database theory. He is now a graduated student in the computational biology master at Polytech'Nice / UNSA.
Internship supervised by Olivier Bernard (INRIA, EPI COMORE): Development of a phytoplankton photoacclimation model to predict CO2 fluxes and energetic carbon storage (biolipids) in a fluctuating environment
In 2010... Working at Amadeus

Hassan NASSER, Lebanese, Biomedical Engineering from the IUL– Lebanon (Ranked 1st) where he followed a training period for 1 year in 8 hospital and medical devices companies then did the final graduation project in the Auvergne University (EA 2667 UdA lab.), simulation of CSF movement. He has a Master in science and technology for health from the UTC – France where he did the Master project with GE, CIMA UMR 660 and Necker hospital, an Ultrafast method to measure the PWV form MRI images where a paper will be published. He got knowledge and competences in medical and imaging devices, modeling and simulation, image and signal processing, GUIs, programming, research. He is following now this program to enhance his knowledge in applied mathematics in the biomedical domain and the computational biology. His interest is to continue in the biomedical and computational biology R&D domain.
Internship supervised by Bruno Cessac (LJAD-INRIA EPI NEUROMATHCOMP): Parameters tuning in a virtual retina using synaptic plasticity
In 2010... PhD at INRIA EPI Neuromathcomp, under the supervision of Bruno Cessac. Title: How to reproduce and predict retinal responses?

Paula SANZ LEON is an Argentinian Biomedical Engineer from National University of Cordoba (a.k.a UNC). She studied mathematics, electronics, and biology sciences for 5 years, and a semester of Computer Sciences. Working at Private Centre of Computed Tomography Cordoba for 5 months gave her a working knowledge of medical imaging devices and image processing, as well as management skills. She also worked while she was an undergraduate student as research assistant for 1 year in the Robotics and Integrated Systems Engineering group at UNC. Her professional practice was held in the Emergency Hospital of Cordoba during 5 months. She is now a graduate student in the Computational Biology Master Informatique at Polytech'Nice / UNSA.
Internship supervised by Ivo Vanzetta (INCM): How do color, contrast and motion allow giving a sense to the visual scene? The role of information processing in area V4 of the primate visual system
In 2010... PhD at INCM-Marseille under the supervision of Ivo Vanzetta (Experimental Neurosciences INCM-CNRS-Marseille) and working in collaboration with Laurent Perrinet (Computational Neurosciences INCM-CNRS-Marseille) and Viktor Jirsa (Theoretical Neurosciences ISM-CNRS-Marseille). Title: Characterizing the dynamical patterns of primate cortical population activity using natural scene statistics

Adrien MORVAN is a french student in applied mathematics. He studied image processing, PDE, optimization, probabilities and C/C++/java/matlab programming at Polytech'Nice for 2 years. Working in COMORE (under Mr Grognard supervision) for 3 months gave him/her a working knowledge of optimal control. He also did a 3 weeks project on classification learning applied to face detection (directed by Mr Barlaud) at I3S. He is now a graduate student in the Computational Biology master and received a PhD grant to work on image restoration for microscopy.
Internship supervised by Laure Blanc-Feraud (INRIA, EPI ARIANA): Microscopic confocal image restauration
In 2010... PhD at INRIA EPI ARIANA, under the supervision of Laure Blanc-Feraud. Title: Image restoration for microscopy

Navean RAMKUMAR is a Biomedical Engineer from India. He graduated from Sathyabama University in April 2009. Previously he worked in a project titled “Web-browser based access ,Control and remote monitoring of ECG signals” at CICT,Banglore,INDIA. The project was implemented in LabVIEW platform. His areas of interest are cardio and neuro physiology,medical pathology,virtual instrumentation and biomaterials.He has worked with MATLAB,LabVIEW and is familiar with programming languages C and C++.Currently hes a graduate student in CB student at Polytech EPU UNSA.
Internship supervised by Alice Guyon (IPMC), Olivier Meste (I3S) and Fred Brau (IPMC): Elaboration of analytic techniques for the measurement of ciliary beating frequencies
In 2011...Engineer in Healthcare at Philips Electronics India

Federica SPIRITI is from Italy and she has a bachelor degree in Mathematics and a master degree in Applied Mathematics. She studied at "La Sapienza", University of Rome and she got her final degree in 2008. During her studies she collaborated with the Mathematics Department Computer Centre. In 2006 she partecipated in the Erasmus Socrates programme, studing for six months at the Mathematics department of Royal Holloway College, University of London. After her final degree she worked for an international consulting company in Rome, in the Business Intelligence unit (data management and development). She is now a graduated student in the Computational Biology master at Polytech'Nice / UNSA.
Internship supervised by Didier ZUGAJ (Galderma): Light Propagation in Human Skin : Evaluation of models and fitting methods for mapping typical chromophores
In 2010... Working at Amadeus

Is Bunyamin SURYO, a Mechanical Engineer. I am from Surabaya, Indonesia. My Bachelor was in Mechanical Engineering Department of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya for 4.5 years. In the last year of my Bachelor, I was awarded to participate in Internship Program of Toyota Motor Company for 3 months as a Production Engineer. After my Bachelor, March 2005, I joined to Mechanical Engineering Department of ITS as a teaching assistant. In September 2008, I started my Master in Applied Mathematics of Unice, France. I proceed my Master in Computation Biology of EPU Sophia Antipolis until September 2010. I hope an opportunity to pursue my study to PhD, be a teacher and researcher.
Internship supervised by Maureen Clerc (INRIA, EPI ATHENA): Using Operator Splitting to Study Anisotropic Problem for EEG Source Localization
In 2010... Teaching assistant (junior lecturer) in Department of Mechanical Engineering, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) Surabaya-Indonesia

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