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Master of Science in
Computational Biology and Biomedicine

Biomedical signal and image analysis
Modeling in neuroscience

Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France

The master is discontinued from 2017.

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"Modeling in Computational Biology and Biomedicine: A Multidisciplinary Endeavor"
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» Class of » 2011/2012

2011/2012 program was sponsored by I3S, INRIA and the following project teams from INRIA Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée: ABS (Algorithms Biology Structure), Ariana (Earth observation and cartography, image processing) Asclepios (Medical Image Analysis, Biological Image Analysis, Computational Anatomy, Computational Physiology), Comore (Modelling and control of renewable resources), NeuroMathComp (Mathematical and Computational Neuroscience), Athena (Computational Brain Anatomical and Functional Imaging).

Diana Ibanescu graduated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iasi, Romania, with a Bachelor"s Degree in Computer Science and a Master"s Degree in Computational Optimization. The graduation paper was entitled "A hyper-heuristic method for unrestricted minimization in Rn" and was developed under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Octav Brudaru. The main research subject was the application of segregative genetic algorithms to the problem of unrestricted optimization of real-valued functions with several real variables. I worked for more than two years as Software Developer in the Research & Development branch of a German company focused in the automotive domain. I was involved in engineering several commercial products such as car multimedia and navigation systems for VW, Bentley and Phaeton. My main task was to analyse, implement and test requirements using real in-car hardware.
Internship supervised by Théo Papadopoulo and Maureen Clerc at INRIA Athena
In 2012, working as a Software Developer for Visteon Software Technologies in Sophia Antipolis.
Bishesh KHANAL studied Bachelor´s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus, Nepal in 2009. I completed 1st year of MSc in Computer vision at Université de Bourgogne, France in June, 2011 and did a summer internship at École Polytechnic Fédérale de lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland before joining this program. I got interested in computer vision when I was working in various robotics projects during my undergraduate. While studying computer vision I started realizing how brilliant human brain is in the tasks such as visual perception. I am interested to do research in the understanding of the human brain and in the field of bio-inspired vision systems.
Internship supervised by Xavier Pennec at INRIA Asclepios
In 2012, PhD at INRIA Asclepios with Xavier Pennec and Nicolas Ayache. The topic is: Modeling of the atrophy in Human Brain.
Manish Mandad holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (India). He is very interested in computer graphics, mainly - rendering and geometry. He spent a year and half (2008-09) with Dr. Subodh Kumar working on his bachelor"s thesis focusing on Real-time Volume Rendering using 3D Texture Mapping. He also served as a Teaching Assistant to Dr. Niloy J. Mitra for Computer Graphics course and Graphics & Vision Workshop at IIT.
Internship supervised by Pierre Alliez at INRIA Geometrica
In 2012, PhD with Pierre Alliez at INRIA Geometrica, entitled "Robust Shape Approximation with Guarantees".
Victor SHCHERBAKOV is from Russia. He holds a Bachelor"s degree in Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University, Russia. At the moment he is following two Master"s programs at the same time: the CBB program and a Master"s program in Mathematics at Novosibirsk State University. He is interested in computational methods and their applications in different areas, including biology. His previous research was related with applications of the finite element method for problems of mathematical physics. He took part in a collaboration project between the Institute of Geology and Petroleum Geophysics and the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics. The project consisted of study of properties and behavior of methane hydrates of the Black sea"s sediment when heated.
Internship supervised by Pierre Kornprobst at INRIA Neuromathcomp: Neural field model of attention
In 2012, PhD under the supervision of Elisabeth Larsson at Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden. The title is "Partition of unity radial basis function methods with applications to high-dimensional PDEs in finance"
Barghavi VARAPRASAD worked as Research Associate at Systems Biology division, Drug Development department, NOSCH Labs Private Limited since 26 May, 2010. I believe in offering my full commitment to my research work and grow in tandem with the advancing field of Computational biology and reach the pinnacle of success.
1) Analysis of Drought Responsiveness in Rice through Transcriptome profiling.
2) Molecular Docking Studies on inhibitory effects of Flavonoids on Enoyl ACP Reductase, a drug target for Malaria.
Internship supervised by Elisabetta De Maria at I3S
In 2012...
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